Tax Filing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Q: How do I get a copy of a prior tax return and W-2?

As long as you filed your tax return with the IRS, you can request a photocopy or computer transcript of the information on your filed return at no charge. If you need an actual copy of the return or W-2, you will need to complete a Form 4506 and pay a $39 fee for the return and related information, like your W-2.

Q: How do I get my Form W-2?

Your employer is required to provide your completed W-2 showing your compensation and tax withholding amounts for the calendar year by January 31. If you do not receive it, contact your employer. If it is not received by February 15, call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040 to register a complaint. Provide your tax specialist with your last pay stub until your W-2 is received.

Q: What information do I need for Stress Relief Tax & Financial Services to do my taxes?

Go to What We Need and you will find a complete list. Don't let the list scare you off, however, since your tax specialist will provide you with a customized list that applies to your unique tax situation!

Q: How much does it cost to have my taxes prepared by Stress Relief Tax & Financial Services?

Call us at (417) 886-8884 to find out. We have competitive rates compared to some of the leaders in the tax preparation industry, providing full service individual federal and state income tax preparation.

Q: How quickly can I get my refund?

Stress Relief Tax & Financial Services automatically e-files your return with one of the free IRS Direct Deposit Options which is usually received within 15 days. If you prefer that they send a check, it could take up to six weeks.

IF YOU NEED THE MONEY IMMEDIATELY just let your tax specialist know and you will be referred to one of our lending partners.

Q: How do I change the amount withheld from my check for taxes?

Use a Form W-4, Employees' Withholding Allowance Certificate that you may request from your employer.

Q: Does Stress Relief Tax & Financial Services stand behind it's work?

When you pay for tax preparation at Stress Relief Tax & Financial Services you are automatically covered under our "stress-free" guarantee which entitles you to reimbursement for penalties charged by a taxing authority if our tax specialist makes an error on your return.

Remember, the accurate preparation of your tax return is your responsibility as the Taxpayer. You will have the opportunity to review your tax return before it is filed with the federal, state and city governments - if you notice that any information is wrong or missing please notify us immediately so that we may make the necessary corrections.

Q: What happens if I get a tax notice and it is after April 15?

We are available 24/7 all year long to answer your questions and to handle your tax problems. Just email us at or call our number: (417) 886-8884.